“[Dan DiMicco and I] have been fighting the steel things for 20 years together. You’ve been a warrior, and I appreciate it. Right from the beginning, Dan and I…it was a fight of two people against the world.” – President Donald J. Trump

“Mr DiMicco has distinguished himself during more than 13 years of service to the company by providing his business acumen, insight and leadership and has been a significant contributor to Duke Energy Corporation’s continued growth and success… Mr DiMicco has brough to the Board of Directors a wealth of knowledge and management experience from his distinguished career in the manufacturing industry…the Board of Directors desire to appropriately recognize his valued service to Duke Energy Corporation” – Lynn J. Good, CEO, Duke Energy Corporation

“I thank you so much for coming on this show. I read everything that you write and you are still an inspiration as much as you were when you ran Nucor … because you are a business person and helped create a lot of jobs yourself. Dan Dimicco, Chairman Emeritus of Nucor and an honest guy about trade. Great to see you sir.” – Jim Cramer, Host of Mad Money, CNBC

“[Dan DiMicco] got to where he got to because he cared about the people and company that he was working for. The success was just something that kind of came along” – John Ferriola, President and CEO, Nucor

“Dan has a passion to help everyone around him be more successful than they might otherwise be, he has a passion for unlocking the potential in every one of us.” – John Stratman, Executive VP, Nucor

“[I] wouldn’t have gotten through the back or porch door without your mentorship and friendship.  I can’t thank you enough for the time you invested in me over the years when you really had no reason to do it other than the kind of person you are, which says it all.” – Edward Lehner, CEO, Ryerson Steel

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